Don’t want to waste your businesses money?

Below we have explained how you should choose an agency for your business, so you don’t waste time not growing in 2022.

Agencies normally specialise in different areas of marketing, that normally is a sign to look for so think about what you are trying to achieve. For example, is your website your main priority, or are you looking to generate leads for your sales team, or do you need an agency that can manage your entire marketing function? These decisions need to be made, but normally an agency that has experience will normally guide you through that process. Do you need an agency that specialises in specific technologies, such as marketing automation? And whether you operate in the B2B or B2C market will have an impact, as marketing strategies do vary between the two.

You will always be the expert in your industry, and the marketing agency you choose will always be the experts in marketing. But one key skill that will set an agency apart, is their ability to adapt to different businesses and industries, so it’s not vital that the agency you choose has experience in your sector. However there is a clear advantage with choosing an agency that has a good understanding of your industry, your customers, who the likely buyers are, the best channels to reach them and what marketing messages they’re likely to respond to. These are all key aspects that they will need to cover when having a consultation with an agency.

Ask to see results from previous campaigns, or better still, ask if they can put you in touch with some of their clients who can tell you in their own words what the agency is like to work with. The companies that are not too keen to give you that information, is a tell tale sign that they don’t normally meet clients expectations and they are in the industry what we call a “burn & churn agency “ ; these are to be discarded from your choices if possible, if you’re looking for that personal service.

Transparency plays back into trust. For example, the question of pricing must be clarified up front. It’s no secret that some companies will tell you what you want to hear just to win the contract, so be wary of this. Starting a relationship with a lie speaks to the likelihood of further deceptions down the line. You’d be working on shaky foundations. One thing that is very clear about the digital marketing world, is that most companies that are offering any digital marketing services under £500 per month would struggle to achieve the high rewarding results that you would be expecting to achieve. But we all understand that you don’t wish to waste your money, but below is a list of different ways in how agencies charge for the services. So if you are uneasy about committing to a long term contract, see if they are willing to offer a shorter period to make you feel more at ease and less pressure. 

Agencies will have different ways in which they charge for the work they do. Generally an agency will work under one of the following options:

  • Monthly retainer – You pay a fixed fee each month and the agency will undertake the work required to reach the monthly amount
  • Per hour – The agency will carry out work as agreed and charge an hourly rate
  • Per project – The agency will submit a proposal for a specific project with a fixed fee to complete the work.
  • 12 to 24 month contracts – are the most common, being that most Digital marketing is a long term plan and process.

But whatever agency you have started to consider, are normally adaptable to make you feel comfortable. 

How do they market themselves? ‘Practice what you preach’ is pertinent to marketing, so look at their content and question whether it’s engaging, educational and well-edited. How effective are their ads? Does their website load quickly on all platforms. Of course, how agencies promote their own business will differ to how they market yours. But when choosing an agency, you want evidence they can do for themselves what they have promised to do for you.

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