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Base Concrete


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Base Concrete wanted to mainly get a personalised service where the agency speaks and explains in plain English as he isn’t technically minded so lost interest and track of how it was going. Results were secondary because he is already an established client in his sector and so for him, he wanted to build a professional relationship that he could rely on and then scale the campaigns with long

The website was where we started to make sure that we had a good foundation to push the brand and the marketing, created all the site structure and link building then we moved on to conversions and then on to website optimisation.
This was followed by major content creation completed and added to the blog section and whilst that is being worked on we will be looking to sort article submissions ready to go on online publications. We have focused on these core elements whilst with us so far and have seen significant results.

Base Concrete Mockup

The main goal of the website is to get people to order concrete so we have set up multiple forms across the website and CTA’s for customers to book their visit as well as a calculator, which we are starting to see and increase already for their business.

We are currently working on their SEO to make sure they are dominating the market area, we are doing this by using long-tail SEO to gain better quality leads but also using standard Keyword coverage. We will update this after the first year with results and returns.