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Concord Rangers


Website Design and Local SEO


We got introduced to this club through a friend of ours who told us they are desperate for someone to come in and help them improve their online presence, so we met with lewis who is the chairman of the club. 

We went through the options available and some ideas to increase sponsorship and add additional revenue to help make the club able to invest in players and equipment.

We decided to focus solely on the website for now with the plan to add marketing packages at a later date. With the website we wanted to rejuvenate the club’s online image as a club that is serious about its growth, so made the website have a more commercial image that has family values at heart. We have integrated live data from the league on player stats, league stats, team stats, and lots more to try and get people to use and stay on the website more, which will give the club sponsors more chances to be seen by fans.

Concord Rangers 1

Another big focus was that they wanted to be able to promote player sponsors on the player’s pages, so we have styled the pages with a large section given to sponsors with links to their websites. This is so the club can show another area where they can be promoted, which will add additional revenue.

We have set up two other core areas, one being the club merch shop where fans can buy t-shirts, jumpers, scarfs, mugs, and much more as this hasn’t been available before. We felt this was key as we noticed when attending one of the games that no one was wearing anything to do with the club, which should be key in growing the club’s brand awareness.

Finally, we added a section where fans of the club could join in the support, by directly giving a little bit of their spare money to the club. We have added the facility where they can set up subscriptions to take monthly amounts which will be truly beneficial to the club’s growth.

The website is going live over the next month and look forward to working and supporting the club in its growth.