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At Echelon we will Ideally use on a pay per click campaign as an addition to SEO campaigns because it works great to improve your organic rankings. Before we bring on any campaign we would analyze how the current campaign is performing so that we are being transparent to you as the client in making sure that we can achieve the results.


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Using Google adwords can either take your money like a slot machine in Vegas after your luck runs out, or catapult your business’s profitability like a snowmaker dressing a ski slope — ChaChing, ChaChing!

So choosing the right agency that has a proven track record in the Essex area is going to be key in the success of your online marketing. So things you need to consider when looking at PPC, Finding the Best Keywords & Personalizing the User’s Journey In 2018, most of the high-quality keywords are being used. So, I’m afraid, you do need to pay to play. However you can use a Google keyword traffic tool to put the right strategy in place on Ads — you could spend much less than your competitors for that same keyword, this will be key in keeping your campaign cost effective.

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Finding all of Your negative keywords without wasting your money is a big aspect that needs huge attention. This will help us to improve CTR which ensures your ads only run against relevant queries, exposing your account to more interesting impressions, reducing the number of wasted clicks, in turn increasing the proportion of high-quality, relevant users that click on your ad.

Now these are just a few aspects we look at as part of managing your campaigns at Echelon Media your Essex based agency.  

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